Audio Update #10 – RAW ratings, thoughts on show, Extreme Rising & more

Here’s the 10th Audio Update with our thoughts on the RAW ratings, the show itself, Extreme Rising & more! (34 mins) -Extreme Rising shows get cancelled -RAW Ratings are in and they aren’t pretty -Thoughts […] Audio Update #9 – RAW thoughts, Daniel Bryan/The Shield/The Authority, Cesaro is a Heyman Guy, Paige wins Divas title & more

Here’s the 9th Audio Update from with my thoughts on RAW last night (31 Mins) -Daniel Bryan’s first night as champ -Building towards a big 8 man tag with Bryan/Shield vs The Authority for […] Audio Update #3 – RAW recap, No CM Punk on the show, Bryan/HHH feud continues & more

Here’s the 3rd Audio Update from with our RAW recap & more (18 Mins) -No CM Punk on the show -Heyman disarms Chicago crowd -Shield/Wyatts have a great showing, Shield continue to tease a […]