Audio Update #9 – RAW thoughts, Daniel Bryan/The Shield/The Authority, Cesaro is a Heyman Guy, Paige wins Divas title & more

Here’s the 9th Audio Update from with my thoughts on RAW last night (31 Mins) -Daniel Bryan’s first night as champ -Building towards a big 8 man tag with Bryan/Shield vs The Authority for […] Audio Update #8 – WrestleMania Weekend recap including Axxess, HOF & WrestleMania in person perspectives, meeting Wrestlers on the streets of New Orleans

Here’s the 8th Audio Update from with my thoughts on taking part in WrestleMania Weekend activities. A few bad words used, you were warned! (32 Mins) -Thoughts on New Orleans -Meeting Wrestlers on the […] Audio Update #7 – Live in person perspective from RAW, Daniel Bryan/Triple H, Wale/Heckler fight, CM Punk/AJ Lee engagement rumors & more

Here’s the 7th Audio Update from with my thoughts on attending RAW in person, Lesnar/Taker, Bryan/Triple H & more (28 Mins) -Crowd at Verizon Center, how well was it filled? -Brock Lesnar finally gets […] Audio Update #5 – Intense Angle to close RAW, Stephanie McMahon doing her best work, Cena gets serious & more

Here’s the 5th Audio Update from with my thoughts on Triple H/Daniel Bryan closing segment from RAW, Cena’s improved promo this week & more (23 Mins) -Intense closing angle to RAW between Triple H/Daniel […]

EXCLUSIVE: Pete Gas says the McMahons know what they’re doing with Daniel Bryan, thinks the Attitude Era would work today & more

Click Play below to listen (Pete comes on at the 15 min mark): Support our home network More Like Radio! Please check out all of the other great shows on the MLR roster. You can […]