Why we don’t have a bunch of ads on our site

One thing that has always annoyed me to no end when visiting other wrestling websites as a reader is all the ads all over the place. You click just on the page and theres a pop up.. Wanna click on a news story? Sure another pop up. I understand these sites are trying to run a business but many walk that fine line and sometimes cross it with all of their crazy ads everywhere. Not to mention these ads sometimes contain dangerous code in them sometimes without the knowledge of the webmaster and it ends up destroying someones computer.

When i started TheShootOnline.com i vowed to put an end to that. So if you’ve noticed we only have ONE ad on our front page, and it’s an ad for WWE Shop. We plan to keep it that way because what really counts is you being able to access the content you want without giving your computer an unwanted disease. With that being said, the only other page on the website you will find any ads will be this one. Click below on a few of our Amazon links and Highspots link and help us out if you can. You aren’t being charged any extra, it just tells Amazon that you are accessing their page via ours and Amazon kicks back a few pennies our way. Every little bit counts.

Thanks for your support!



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