Top 5 Movies Of The Summer Of 2014!

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Going into this summer, I wasn’t too excited for film. There were a few movies coming out that I was excited for; but as for summer movies as a whole, I wasn’t too excited. Boy was I wrong. We were treated to some great movies this summer (as well as a few let downs). Today, I’m counting down my person top 5 movies of the summer. Note that I’m only counting movies that came out between May and August (Captain America JUST missed the cut!)

#5- Edge Of Tomorrow

This one came out of nowhere! The trailer made it look OK, but it turned out to be awesome! It has an original story, good action, and fun characters. Tom Cruise shows that he still has what it takes be a an awesome action star.  Sadly, the marketing campaign for this film was beyond awful. So, if you are one of the many people who didn’t get a chance to check this film out while it was in theaters, make sure to check it out once it comes out on DVD/BR on Oct 7th!

#4- Maleficent

Just like number five, this one was a shocker! Angelina Jolie had an amazing performance the iconic Disney villain Maleficent. And the story was awesome! I’m a big fan of the show Once Upon A Time, where they take familiar fairy tale stories and give them a new twist. This is the movie version of that idea. You really care about the characters (even Maleficent). I won’t give anything away, but the trailer is misleading in a GOOD way! Go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

#3- X- Men: Days Of Future Past

This film saved the X-Men franchise. Ever since X3, it seemed to have gone downhill, never to be good again. We had two very bad stand alone Wolverine movies, and one surprisingly good  X Men First Class movie. First Class got me excited about X-Men again, but I still doubted the future of the franchise.  I knew going into this one that it HAD to be good. If it failed, X-Men was doomed forever. And by golly, it was GREAT! The story was fun and interesting! I don’t think I was bored throughout the whole movie! I’ve seen it at least 3 times. So, if you were about to lose hope in X-Men like I was, go watch this. It will revive your hope and excite you for the future!

#2- Dawn Of The Planet Of the Apes

Intense from begging till end. Never a boring moment!  At times you forget the Apes aren’t real. Caesar is such a deep, complex character that you’ll root for in any situation. I won’t say anything else, just see it! (You must watch the first one to really get a grasp of this film. Check that out first!)

#1- Guardians Of The Galaxy

As of today, I’ve seen this 6 times with 6 different groups of people. Everyone I’ve taken to see has adored this movie. Every time I go to see it, I get excited. My love for this film grows every single time I sit down to watch it. The cast was PERFECT! Chris Pratt showed us how much the 80’s rocked. Batista shocked us all by being one of the best things about the movie. We fell in love with a talking Tree and Raccoon. And we felt for a kidnapped little girl turned assassin. The story was fun, the comedy was golden, and the action was perfect. I’m excited to see the Guardians in future Marvel films!


Honorable Mentions:

Chief- Low budget Indy movie that you’ll fall in love with.

Million Dollar Arm/ When The Game Stands Tall- Both films are good sports movies. Easy to get into!

The Amazing Spider Man 2- Decent, but not great

The Purge: Anarchy WAY better than the first one. Check it out!