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For Immediate Release
July 28th, 2014

WrestlingInformant.com announces launch on August 4th

100% Ad Free & Rumor Free news for all readers

WASHINGTON — July 28th, 2014 — Yesterday during The Shoot radio program heard on MoreLikeRadio.com, show hosts Gary Cantrell and Chris McManamy announced the launch of WrestlingInformant.com following the show’s State of The Shoot address which announced a shift in focus away from wrestling talk for the radio program which airs weekly. The site will be launched at noon on August 4th, 2014. Featuring an unprecedented Ad Free & Rumor Free news experience for all readers
“With a lot of the other sites I can’t tell if I’m going to a coupon website or a wrestling website” said Cantrell, creator of WrestlingInformant.com “The ads are a big problem and that needs to stop. We are fixing this on August 4th.”


Many websites offer a membership option to their site to remove ads by becoming a paying member to said website and WrestlingInformant.com is changing that. While WrestlingInformant.com will have an optional membership option, it won’t be required to access the site without ads. Also announced yesterday, the site will feature Rumor Free news posts as well as guest articles from various people who have worked in the business offering their unique perspective. Following the announcement, listeners raved on sites like Twitter to share their excitement for the announcement.
“Everyone go check out @PWInformant,” said Alan (@redsox1186), ”These guys are gonna change the game.”
Site Launching on August 4th
WrestlngInformant.com will launch worldwide on Monday August 4th, 2014 at 12pm ET. Featuring Ad Free and Rumor Free news posts, special editorials, guest contributors from various people who have worked in the wrestling business, a weekly wrestling podcast & much more.

There will also be a completely optional Membership option which users can subscribe at an early adopter’s price of $2.99/month which will give them daily high quality podcasts, access to the shoot interview archives & more.

For more information, including media inquiries:
Gary Cantrell (gary@wrestlinginformant.com)

For more information on WrestlingInformant.com: