The State of The Shoot Address to air live on Sunday July 27th!

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It’s that time again, time for Chris and I to address the listeners of The Shoot radio show which airs weekly on There has been several rumblings about the future of the show, and what change may come for the program. I have stated previously that the show is not being cancelled and also will not be leaving MLR as these were both the first things guessed by many when they found out about this event. I promise that this will be the most positive State of The Shoot that has ever taken place as previously this type of event was used to announce changes in staff or networks. We are simply implementing changes for the better of the brand and better of the listeners to avoid any further confusion as to what the show is about or what it is we are doing in general. I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we take the biggest step in our show’s history since joining MLR last October. We are no strangers to making headlines and on Sunday we’re gonna make some more.

The Shoot airs LIVE, Sundays at 4pm ET on