CM Punk is Missing: The Mystery

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CM Punk-JSH-009685Where oh where has CM Punk gone? I bet somebody knows.

He was rumored to show up for a show early March this year, CM Punk stood up the Chicago fans. A few weeks ago, he stormed away from WWE in protest to Batista being in the main event at WrestleMania.

Why would he not come back to the company? Is something wrong with his health? Could there be a hidden story line for a Clue Mystery Game in WWE’s arsenal that we don’t know about?

Alright that last one seems too crazy to even ponder (though we’ve all seen WWE do similarly awesome things i.e. Raw Roulette), but it starts to really affect everyone around the wrestler when they walk away angry and disappear for weeks on end.

For fans, it’s sort of like their best friend saying they’ll come to their house and then instead showing up to the neighbor’s house and pretending like their best friend doesn’t exist.

Perhaps he doesn’t think he owes WWE or the fan base anything.

I’m not here to judge that. I’m saying that this little mystery game is rude. As a public figure you accept the responsibility to inform the public about when you decide to retire/leave so they know not to look for you anymore and so they can get to reminiscing about your past events over the years. It’s the way things are. People miss you when you’re a part of their lives for so long.

It would be great to get some clues to this mystery. I, for one, would like to know if I should be searching for him at any shows in the future.

There are actions by CM Punk that could be considered clues. The fact Punk DID show up elsewhere than WWE. Then the fact that he will not talk about anything WWE. 2 clues that possibly means he is not coming back and he does not care to inform us about any decisions. Too early to tell though.

What do you think about the CM Punk is missing mystery?

(Edited because I was told he was scheduled to show up and it was only a rumor. Go figure, right?)