191 – Mike Falcone (@HEELPunchy)/Brainstu Radio, SummerSlam talk, MLR/Mixx debate & more!

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This week on The Shoot we start out talking about our new T-Shirt deal with ProWrestlingTees.com & our recent interview with Steve & Antonio from the Barter Kings. Gary teases a special bonus show on tuesday. Plus the guys talk about their times off from the show and what they did while the show was off. After the break, our friend Mike Falcone aka @HEELPunchy joins us to talk about doing stand up, Brainstu Radio, engages in a little SummerSlam chat & talks about the recent LFTM/MLR war which prompts Alan from Metal Church/Rogue Radio on The Mixx to call in and the 2 have a civil chat about it. Oh and did we mention Gary screws up and plays the wrong song for Punchy? Yep.. That happened.

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