190 – Co-Host Search Finale

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The time has come! After 3 weeks, the co-host hopefuls gather together and have a group discussion with Gary as how they think they did. Then former co-host John Krauser calls in to give his take on who he thinks should be voted in. After the 1st elimination, the remaining 2 are joined by Alan Martin where he talks about what he thinks makes a good co-host and what he thinks may happen. Finally it’s time to find out who will win. Well you don’t expect us to post it here do you? Listen for yourself. Thanks to all who voted and thanks to all 3 guys who participated in this great contest.

Also a special thanks to Spyder Harrison of Sirius XM Hits 1 fame for providing his great voice for our new intro!

UPDATE: New Co-Host Chris McManamy comments on his win in the polls!