Message from Gary: Setting the record straight on Chad Dukes

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It has come to my attention that Chad Dukes of the Big O & Dukes show said on his show this week that I trashed him for an hour on a podcast. Long story short, He slammed a caller from Australia because he thought he was part of Sadly Lacking Radio. SLR is the podcast i did a few weeks ago and shared my story about my experience with Chad.

Let me set the record straight, i did not TRASH Chad. I was asked about my falling out with Chad and i shared my story. You see, in Chad’s world if you are anything but a kiss ass “YES” man to him, then you’re trashing him. So since he wants to distort my appearance on that show, i have posted the audio to the interview i did with SLR here on my site. You can make up your own conclusion on it.

As i said in the interview, there was once a time where i supported Chad and his various projects. Hell, Chad’s even been on The Shoot before to promote a short film he did. The photo above is me with him and the other guys of the movie at the premiere they did. I used my various contacts in the wrestling media to help spread the word on that movie and wrestling interviews he would do on his FM show. The one time that i support another friend of mine and his internet show and it conflicts with an event Chad was putting on then he had a problem with me. Everything i said in the interview is true and Chad knows it. But don’t hold your breath waiting for him to comment on it or even give a rebuttal, he just passes it off as me trashing him. Typical Chad.


**Podcast Courtesy of Sadly Lacking Radio**